A Single Southern Guy In America

December 18, 2003

Smack Back

Greetings gentle readers. Please forgive the absence the past several days as I've tried to prepare for my post-corporate career. It has been quite the relaxing week with only a few hours spent online at the public library while the rest of the time has been spent, visiting friends, preparing for the next mis-adventure, today, and next Friday. What little writing I have done has been over in Acidman's comments regarding this entry.

Today, I fly to Phoenix for my brother's nuptials. I will be standing with him again and I look forward to the break from the cold weather (weather channel said high of 75 today). I'll be coming back next Monday and spending the holidays with my family that is scattered across the great state of Arkansas.

But, what is this new misadventure you speak of, you say? Next Friday, I will be leaving my beloved Little Rock and flying to New Hampshire for a month. That's right friends, I am jumping back into politics and I'll be working the New Hampshire primary. And, yes, that does mean I will be working for a candidate on that side. Some of you know exactly who that candidate is and I ask you not to disclose that on your own blogs or to others. For those of you wondering, it's not terribly hard to decipher which candidate is the only one I would consider working for. In the meantime, I may have to go ahead and change the name of this site as it appears I'll be doing some wandering. Never did I imagine that when I described this site as chronicling the "Quixote-like quest to find 'The One'" that it would have been as prophetic as it is descriptive. However, I will add this, I may have discovered exactly who 'The One' is and what that means to the future.

Finally, thank you all for the very supportive emails and comments. I will still be looking at all openings and options so please send them along if you see them. Greatest thanks for everyone that hit the tip jar. Every little bit counts, and it has at least cushioned the blow a bit.

Posted by Adam H at December 18, 2003 12:02 PM ~ Link Cosmos | Trackbacks (0)

I lived in Manchester, NH, in the last election season. I was happy to be there to experience the madness that is the NH primary.

Let me recommend a diner that you should encourage your candidate to check out - the Red Arrow (it's on a side road off of Elm St in Manchester proper - I can't remember the name of it). Good food, great people.

Posted by: jen at December 18, 2003 01:14 PM

I wasn't around for the theological debate; great posts on your part.

Crossing over to the other side? You workin' for Sharpton? You preach like 'im.

(Lieberman's the only one I can stomach; if it's not him, don't tell me!)

Posted by: Key at December 18, 2003 02:19 PM

Definitely think you have forgotten me.... goodluck my friend. I miss talking to you! I wish you the best in your new venture and know you will do well no matter what you are doing. Keep me posted if you have time.

did you get my job list?

Posted by: h at December 18, 2003 06:50 PM
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