A Single Southern Guy In America

April 12, 2003

Alas, a sigh...

From the 'Weekend Warrior' post below, you'll recall that I finally realized some kind of growing attraction to a friend I've known for sometime; let's call her DBD. Well, I had discussed it with my Cougar friend TT a few nights ago with no real resolution, but at least got it off of my chest for a bit. Well, last night TT and I talked about it again, and in classic seventh grade form, I asked if she had said anything about our conversation to DBD. She swore she had not, so devolving to sixth grade form I asked if by chance had DBD mentioned anything about me to her. TT couldn't hide her lying eyes.

DBD had mentioned me and had swore TT to secrecy, as I had done. Of course, I continued to press for more details which began to irritate TT greatly. I understand why. SHe had just been forced to break the confidence in a friend. I can be very persuasive and I had easily persuaded her into telling me that there had been a conversation before she realized that she had broken confidence with DBD. As I pressed, she realized what had happened and became somewhat upset. Though I got the information I wanted, I woke up thinking about that this morning. I feel bad about leading someone to break their confidence with another friend. It just doesn't feel right and particularly for my own selfish reasons.

As for what DBD had said, it is basically the same way I feel. And I'm still not certain how to feel. It's clearly one of those emotional things which has not risen to the level of engaging my mind to any kind of great degree. I suppose it could at some point, if I don't stifle it before then. Alas, I probably will...*sigh*

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