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Paperback Writer
Barbour in '03 And A Kid On Every Piano Bench Of Every Whorehouse!!!
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Which Way Did He Go?
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Coming Soon: 100 things
There's More Than One Way To Skin A Single Guy In The South
The Great Southern Adventure
First Email Post: I Lost My Briefcase
My Entry To The
News Hobo--- So I
The Forecast From The
Pimpin' In The Rock
Ever Hear About The
Things I've learned about
Parent For Part Of
And the Winner Is
Email from Mom (This
1,933 Bottles of Beer
For Nina... I.
Airborne! This would suck.
Go Ahead Click It,
Just Guess Where I
Seasonal Haircut I had
The Dating Update Okay,
This weeks forecast from
Word From The Weather
Portents of Disaster?
Even Excel Has Its Limits
True Story from The Backwoods
Slutpublican Candidate for Secretary
Good Morning Blogosphere My
Bizarro Contest Continues We’re
So Much To Blog
New Link Loves
Will The Real SaddamShady Please Stand Up?
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More Weather Ninja
The Weather Ninja Forecast
More Bizarre Stuff From
Low Maintenance Boyfriend
Bits and pieces from a storm
Southern Women
For BreakUpBabe, Jezebel, Jen, Edie, and Anne
Homeward Bound!
It's Good To Be King
Small Towns
So Little Time
The Carnival Is Coming To The South!
Alas, a sigh...
What 'Catch and Release' Really Is
The Most Intimate Act
Weekend Warriors
More Strange Things
Oddly Enough
When One Has Too Much Coffee
Googled Again...
If you haven't gone
And the winner is....
Not So Fast, Jen
T-minus 13 Visitors and counting till program goal...
Swingin’ Saturday Night!
The Wedding Commentator
Pre-pay Saturday
Friday Re-Cap
Long Time No Blog, eh?
Another New Arkie Blogger!
New Vehicle Anyone?
What I Want
Link Love
Attention NYC Bloggers!!!
Sunday—The Long Way Home
Sunday—The Bizarre part.
Friday P.M. Update--Painting the Night Away
Updates, Updates, Updates... Last
Word From The Frontlines
Now Here's An Idea!
Big Nasty: You Be The Judge
Update on Mike In The Marines
I’ve Decided
I Leave Town and We Go To War....
Off to the Great Northwest
Subject: Arkansas Survivor Show
Plagiarism is a good thing sometimes...
In case you've been looking...
Saturday part III: Toughman 2 and a Cougar Too
Quick Tangent-- I just
Saturday Part II—The Crawfish Boil
Saturday Part I
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How's This For Strange Weekend Plans?
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I'm calling BS
Ponder the Math
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How To Know You’re In A Good Ethnic Restaurant While Visiting The South
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Could I Still Be Jen's Man?
Southern Horizons
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The Flu Blahs....
Could I Be Jen’s Man?
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The Curious Mating Rituals of the Redneck Male
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Dateline: MARCH 12th--The Invasion begins (or thereabouts)
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Two Degrees of Separation
More Special Thanks
Birthday '03--Lots of icing, but not on the cake...
Speaking of cold, inclement weather
Fire and Rain, Snow and Ice
Special Thanks
She (KL) Responded continued…
Okay--working on the continued
She (KL) Responded.
How BK Is Trying To Lose Me In Ten Days
SO, It's been a week
Day One, And So It Begins